This year lies the groundwork for years to come. There is work to be done and there are lessons to learn- but you’re building the foundation to reap rewards for years & years to come.

This forecast is applicable if your sun, moon or ascendant falls in the sign of Taurus. If you don’t know, click here and type in your birthday, birth place and time of birth. Time of birth is needed for an accurate ascendant sign. Be sure to note the degree in which your moon & ascendant falls in- it’ll come in handy for certain transits! To get a fuller picture of what the year will look like, you’ll want to look at each of the horoscopes of your sun, moon and ascendant.

Month by month, you’ll want to look at which signs the Sun, Moon & Mars are, because those change more frequently. To get an idea of what the year will look like, we’ll look to the slower transiting planets- Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are your major players this year.

Where Jupiter falls is an area of life you’ll be quite lucky in. Where Saturn falls is an area you will have to put some hard work in.


Saturn transits your 8th house, which rules other people’s money. Saturn restricts what it touches. This could manifest in multiple ways- perhaps your partner needs to go back to school so they’ll need to pull more from savings. If you work with clients, business could fade a bit. Alimony or child support could take longer to be received, or hit snags,

8th house also rules taxes- do things by the book. Get your taxes done by a professional. Pay attention to details. Saturn is a karmic planet- and it punishes you if you do anything reckless or risky. Take every precaution. Sort your finances in an orderly way. Put more money in savings. It is not a year to make bold investments, however, you do have Jupiter transiting 6th house, which could stabilize your investments. An overarching theme for you, bulls- stability. Reliability.


With Jupiter transiting 6th house, you may have a tendency to spend more time working and perhaps even veering into workaholism. Jupiter expands what it touches and 6th house rules working- not career, which is 10th house- but the actual act of working. You’ll be working hard in 2017 and perhaps not getting a whole lot of recognition for it. Luckily, with Jupiter this work will be easier for you, feel more effortless. The extra effort won’t crush you- you’ll be quite lucky!

Your workplace can improve with this transit and get more pleasant. This may manifest as more pleasant interactions with coworkers, a new desk in your office, or perhaps a new position. You’ll be working a lot in 2017, but it’ll be a pleasant time for you and you won’t mind.


6th house also rules health, and focusing on your health will be a stabilizing presence for you in 2017. It’s a beautiful time to commit to a new exercise routine or perhaps trying a new way of eating. When my Jupiter transited 6th, I got the sudden compulsion to try a vegan diet and join a yoga membership. You’ll feel the pull to honor your body and treat it better.


In October, things could take a turn for the more romantic, bulls! Jupiter will move from your 6th house (which rules health, habit, working) into your 7th, which rules partnerships. For the next year after, your partnership sector will be activated & expanded- you’ll more easily attract partners of all kinds- romantic, business, friends. You’ll feel more popular at the end of 2017. It could also be a wonderful time to improve issues within your marriage or relationship.

Note: I remember reading about Jupiter entering my 7th and was looking forward to a period of relational stability. Keep in mind Jupiter can bring freedom too- so if your partner is keeping you stagnant, this transit may have you itching for open space. Jupiter, however, always has a positive outcome. It could manifest as a “break” and you’ll benefit from the free time.


March offers a time for you to reconvene and also a haven from the outside world. Venus, your planet, goes retrograde in your 12th house. 12th house is private. This won’t be visible for others- you may feel isolated. It’s a beautiful time to focus on yourself- meditate, do yoga, journal. Allow yourself to reconnect. Spend time in nature. You’ll be desiring more alone time, honor that need.

Venus in Retrograde could bring up issues of the past & since it’s happening through your 12th, you may be especially sensitive to them. Again, you will be able to stabilize yourself through paying attention to your health and finding yourself spiritually.


The nodes of the moon change in May, and your South Node will be pointing at your 10th house, which indicates career and reputation. South Node represents letting go. This isn’t to say you should quit your job or give up on your dreams- more so that you need to let go of prestige and what others think of you. It’s not the time to be focused on your social status in the world- instead you should be focused on Fourth House activities, which is where you North Node is pointed. In the latter part of the year, spending time with family and in your home will feed your soul. It’s a private house- you’ll want to make things simple, spend time with loved ones.


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