Hello, hello, my lovely TWINS! CONGRATS GEMS you survived 2016- a year from hell for most of you. None of us really have kind words to share about 2016 but y’all had to deal with some STRESSFUL ASS ASPECTS AND TRANSITS that i commend you for. I mean look at Gemmie Angelina Jolie! The exact *DAY* her Saturn (stress, tension) was directly opposing her Venus (love) the news about she and Brad Pitt’s divorce was released.

This 2017 Gemini forecast is applicable if your sun, moon or ascendant falls in the sign of Gemini. If you don’t know, click here and type in your birthday, birth place and time of birth. Time of birth is needed for an accurate ascendant sign, since it depends on the hour you were both. Write down or commit to memory the degrees in which your moon or ascendant- certain transits affect certain birthdays more than others. To get a fuller picture of what the year will look like, you’ll want to look at each of the horoscopes of your sun, moon and ascendant.

Gemini, you will be positively BURSTING at the seams with creative energy and motivation! You’ll be very much in your element- gloing up, if you will. You’ll feel more confident, more daring, more creative, more social, just more YOU! Abundance will surround you- abundance of romantic options, abundance of creativity, abundance of popularity. Looking over transits, I believe Gemini and Aquarius have the most positive aspects that will keep them motivated, working hard and lucky all year. This is a power year, Gemini, and you can make moves with long-lasting and tangible results, from your passions.

Skills & Hobbies

Fifth house is where the astrological P A R T Y is, and you’re blessed with a JUPITER TRANSIT through this house during the first part of 2017! What Jupiter touches it expands, so you’ll be blossoming in all the fun aspects of life. Fifth house rules creativity, romance, entertainment, falling in love, so you’ll receive an abundance in these arenas of life. This transit can kickstart if you’ve been feeling a creative block- suddenly you’ll have so much creativity you won’t even know what to do with it. Life will inspire you- your surroundings will be injected by a tint of romance. You will see your world through new, inspired eyes- so your art could blossom. Perhaps you’ll pick up a new art medium. There will be so much inspiration around you in 2017 you’ll want to channel it creativity and the cosmos are on the side for you to create masterpieces.

Then you have Jupiter making a positive sextile with Saturn which means that you won’t just be partying but could use these fun aspects of life an create a long-lasting result from it. Maybe you’ve always loved to write and this is the year you’re able to write a novel for some extra income. Or you’ve always been interested in makeup and you realize you could pursue it professionally. This transit can be a dream- having the time of your life while being able to work that bliss, that joy, that creativity into something long-lasting and significant for years to come.

Gemmies, DIVE into those hobbies. EXPLORE what excites you. DREAM big. The cosmos are on your side to manifest something truly wonderful in 2017.


You’re receiving an ABUNDANCE of newness with Jupiter transiting your fifth- of information, of skills, of opportunities and also with PEOPLE. Fifth house rules falling in love- so this is very much possible if you’re single. The trouble is that there will be many potential mates circling you and it may be so flattering that you don’t take their charms very seriously. With the positive sextile from Saturn, the planets on your side to transform one of these flings into a long-lasting relationship…if you want that, Gemini. If you’re enjoying your freedom, go with the flow- you could have a lot of fun flings this year. No need to get serious if you don’t want to- have some fun. Just know the universe is providing support if you’re seeking a long term mate.

If you’re in a relationship, you may be tempted by all the potential lovers surrounding you- enough so that you feel like the grass could be greener on the other side. It’ll be hard not to be tempted by the attention, the fun and the seduction around you. Jupiter is a positive sign, so it’s outcome always brings positive aspects- if your eye is wandering too much to stay focused to your mate, perhaps it is indicated that experiencing life and other people is more important to you at this time.

Adding some additional stress to coupled Geminis is the continued transit of Saturn through your 7th house of long-term partnerships and commitments. It’s been there for the past year and a half- certain degrees may have felt it more than others. If you’re in the earlier degrees of Gemini (1-15 degrees, or if it’s your sun, you’re born between May 21-June 4), you felt the Saturn transit more intensely in 2016. Angelina Jolie falls into this category. If you’re in the later degrees, 2017 is the year you’ll begin to feel pressure from your relationships.

You may have to get more responsible about your relationships and put in some hard work. Saturn transits can cause delays. It’s a karmic planet, so it will punish you if you are not putting in the necessary work. Since you’re having this fun-loving, free transit of Jupiter transiting fifth, you may not be willing to put in the work necessary, which can cause some conflict in relationships. Saturn demands you to work harder in these arena in some way. Perhaps your romantic partner will put more pressure on you to commit, or demand that you start earning more, or try to control your flirting nature.You free-spirited Gems don’t always take well to commitment, so this have been causing disruptions in your relationship and that will continue in 2017. However, those earlier degrees of Gemini that I mentioned had the worst of it- coupled with a negative Neptune transit in 2016, the pressure could have been unbearable. The later degrees of Gemmies have a bit of a better time with it, as they have positive aspects coming in from Jupiter that will infuse some positivity into your partnerships, so it won’t be quite as frustrating.

This isn’t a damning influence- it could just cause delays in your commitments. If it’s a strong legitimate relationship, be responsible through your commitments, put hard work into your relationships, can’t just bury your issues under the carpet. You and your romantic partner could emerge from this transit all the more stronger, or you two will crack under the pressure. Saturn will test you but it’s necessary for growth.

This aforementioned pressure isn’t just from a romantic partner- it could come from business partners, family members, authority figures. You need to put in time to  maintain harmonious relationships of all kinds.


The nodes of the moon change this year in May. This tilt represents a new change in priorities. The South Node represents of the aspects of life you should let go of or release in order to dive in more fully to where your energy should be concentrated in- your North Node. You’ll be quite at home Gems, with North Node going into your third house. This house is your home so to speak- the house that your sign rules! It’s as varied as you all, Gems…this house covers communication, media, marketing, skills, hobbies, interacting with the general public, social media. Expect all of these areas to BLOSSOM if you prioritize them. You’ll be right in your element, getting your groove back, so to speak. If you have a career within the realms of this house, expect more work, more clients, more money and an increased amount of energy towards your career.

This year is an opportunity to dive into what interests you and full speed run after your passion. Time, and desire, to dedicate to these your hobbies will come more easily.

Your South Node represents what you need to let go of or release this year, and your Ninth House rules traveling, higher education, religion. You may need to let go of abstract facts of religion in order to dive in more fully to your own personal growth. You may need to let go of your dreams of escaping all your problems by jet setting to Bali or Croatia. This year is a power year, Gemini, a year that you can truly make your dreams come true, so you’ll want to focus on your life here, your existence at hand, manifesting the life around you, rather than getting tangled in romantic fairytales of foreign lands and abstract ideologies.

Happy New Year, twins!


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