Cancer SUNS MOONS AND ASCENDANTS-  2017 brings excellent news for you crabs! The stars are working in your favor to have a highly productive, emotional healing year. Despite what life throws your way this year, you’ll have a baseline of joy that’ll keep you motivated + uplifted all year.

This forecast is applicable if your sun, moon or ascendant falls in the sign of Cancer. If you don’t know, click here and type in your birthday, birth place and time of birth. Time of birth is needed for an accurate ascendant sign. To get a fuller picture of what the year will look like, you’ll want to look at each of the horoscopes of your sun, moon and ascendant. The three, in unison, will be the transits you’ll experience.

Home, Family, Happiness

The planet of luck & growth – Jupiter – will continue to transit your 4th house. Jupiter expands what it touches and the fourth house will bless you more than it would any other sign, as it is your “home” so to speak! It’s also transiting a cardinal house, which carries a stronger influence.

This house rules the home, your family, your living situation. In Vedic astrology, this house is also your emotional well-being- so Jupiter will enhance you with this sense of joy that keeps you constant all year in 2017. If 2016 did you dirty (as it did most people) this transit could help you emotionally heal.

New opportunities can arise with this transit related to home, properties, having a family. Circumstances in your home could improve for you – moving into an neighborhood you prefer, finding a better roommate, getting closer with those you with, finding a better way of going about chores. relationship with a family members- bless and improve the situation.

Fourth house is at the bottom of the zodiac wheel, and in many ways it represents your roots-  where you came from and how you relate with it. During this transit you may be more curious about your roots- astrologers have seen that during transit, more than ever other time, those who have adopted parents seek out their biological family. It just brings a curiosity about where you’re come from, even in simple ways- attempting recipes from your grandmother’s native land, asking your dad about childhood memories, researching your family lineage. If you don’t have where you come from, how can you know where you’re going? Jupiter always brings positive results, so this delving into your foundations will help you connect with your roots as a human being and maintain an internal strength and well-being.

Jupiter moves 5th house 10th of October- the fun house of falling in love, entertainment, art, children- the fun things of life. New opportunities will arise for you crabs to reveal  your talents, harness your creativity, do the things that bring you joy, fall in love. The trouble about 5th house transits is that it brings ABUNDANCE- so not just one love can enter your life, but multiple…but could potentially bring complications. Fifth also rules children, so the end of 2017 could be a good time for having children or communicating more with your children.

Health & Habits

Saturn in your 6th house, Cancers, and it’s been there for a year and a half. Saturn is an area of where you have to put in effort. Take care of your health. Health problems may arise, but these are the sort of problems can fix by initiating positive lifestyle changes. Saturn gives  you the discipline and persistence to truly enact new positive, healthy habits- no fad diets here. Saturn gives you long-lasting results. Astrologers have seen weight loss get and STAY off during this transit

We all have ideas of how we can improve our lives- but 6th house with Saturn gives us the longitivity to MAKE and STICK to a plan. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who gets up early or is organized or on time- this is the time. Our life is truly really in the little things, in the habits, in our day to day routines, so these changes may seem a bit dull- but they can dramatically improve our organization, punctuality and health long time.  

As far as Saturn transits go, astrologers consider this one of the better placements for this intense, karmic, stressful planet. You can balance it by putting order and organization in your life, weeding get rid of the unnecessary things in your life and being strict with yourself and your schedule. Be on time. Hold yourself to goals. Be accurate in your daily routines because it will kick you down if you’re not. Saturn is a b*tch that way.

Luckily, you have a positive aspect from Jupiter coming in which is the light-hearted, fun, happy planet. This lessens the negative effects of Saturn and helps you with the drive and motivation to enact those healthy changes.


Uranus will be transiting the last ten degrees in cardinal signs, affecting Cancer suns the strongest. This will apply to you if you fall within the last 21-30 degrees of Cancer, or your birthday is between  13th-22nd of July. Uranus – the planet of eccentricity, novelty and new will be square from the 10th house, your house of career. You may need to let go of a career in 2017 and look to an unusual path. Uranus speaks to the vein of freelancing. The motto with Uranus is to expect the unexpected, so some sort of career change could come swiftly.

Your career sector is also activated when Venus goes Retrograde 4th of March-15th April, in your tenth house, which influences career and communication with authority figures. This time you want to avoid newness- it’s not an auspicious time for new negotiations, don’t plan important negotiations. Best to avoid contracts altogether. The only way this sector could be positive is if you are reconnecting with business partners from the past.


Big changes as well for Cancer moons in those degrees- big changes with family, richening of emotional relations, perhaps a psychological exploration into the root of some struggle they’ve been grappling with. Some see this transit manifest on a sort of “on/off” pattern in relationships. Uranus brings the surprises, but it’ll lead to a situation that feels more authentic and real to you. Uranus transits don’t let you take bullshit or do what the “right” thing. You may veer off the conventional path to do something that feels right to your soul. Uranus won’t let you deal with areas that seem fake or forced to you- which is why those changes could come about.

Personal Power

If your Cancer sun, moon or ascendant falls between 16-20 degrees, you will experience your Pluto opposition for first and last time. This would be a birthday July 8th-12/13th if your sun is in Cancer.

This is a LIFE CHANGING and EMPOWERING transit. Pluto penetrates and transforms you on a deep, psychological level. Someone or something will make you acutely aware  that someone may be trying to take your power. The universe, through this transit, will call you to take your power back.

Priorities in 2017

North & South nodes of the moon (Rahu and Ketho) change for for a year and a half- to your 2nd & 8th house, respectively, crabs.

North Node brings material manifestation on an outer level so this transit could bring increases in your finances. However, this isn’t the sort of finances from winning the lottery or marrying someone affluent- this is money you’ve earned. You will have to work for this money, but North Node indicates the money you’ve worked for will be plentiful and flow to you with more easy.

South node is about letting go, making some sort of sacrifices. This falls in the 8th house, which rules other people’s money. You may have to let go of relying on someone’s resources. Astrologers have logged instances in their clients where perhaps they’ve graduated college and their parents have cut them off, so they ran out of trust fund money or had to get a divorce from a wealthy partner.

North Node will help you make that $$ on your own, without the reliance from others. It’s time to depend on yourself for your finances. Earn that money from your own efforts. It’ll be a good time to save some money.

Happy New Year, Crabs! Wishing you all the best!


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