This year is all about new experiences, new people, new lessons, and all this novelty will be thrown at you in a rapid speed. However, you have the universe working for you to stabilize and make the most of this energy, without feeling zapped or overwhelmed. Leos, the overall pace of your life will quicken this year, as new opportunities and romances fly your way. Your world may flip upside down in a way where your “fun” becomes your work, and you become more disclipined about your creativity.


Jupiter will be transiting third house, and by its nature, expanding it, which is a very busy house. Your day to day life gets more busy, but that Jupiter connection relates with wealth for that added business to your life- more traveling, more connection with others, more opportunities. Third house rules writing, speaking, communication, marketing, sales, selling, expansion. Many modern day careers fall within these bounds…pretty much everything these days, it seems.

Since third house rules skills, this year could be a great time to learn skills that is more practical in nature. Knowledge that you can apply in a practical way- picking up a new language, learning a new software, learning how to fix your car. Taking that time to learn these skills and deepen your skill bank can pay off incrementally. If you’ve dreamed of learning French but can’t imagine being able to put aside the time to do it, this is the year, Leos. The cosmos are supporting such endeavors.

Knowledge is power. Learning new things will set you up with the foundation you need to build on.

Writing and speaking activity increases, but you’re inspired to do it, and people are listening to you. Your life becomes busier and more full because there’s a moreness to it- a fullness. Excitement and novelty will surround you in all this newness.

You also have Uranus working for you this year, if you’re in that 20-30 degree mark of Leo, which if if it’s your sun, would be the dates 13-23 in August. Uranus is the planet of originality and novelty, but with Saturn creating that positive relationship, these changes will be long-lasting and significant. It can bring something new into your life, may it be a relationship and career.  New fresh ideas can bring back the juice in you and Saturn will help you manifest it in a material way- lots of supportive aspects for you in the grand trine. Uranus in 9th house can bring inspiration that can transform your personality, behavior, appearance, even residence. Astrologers sometimes see clients who decide to move abroad during this transit, since 9th house rules long distance traveling. What Uranus goes through, it shakes up, so expect the unexpected, so to speak, and brace yourself for change.


What happens when serious Saturn meets the fun-loving, creative fifth house? It sucks the fun out of fun.

Fifth house rules joy, creativity, entertainment and falling in love. Saturn is the planet of duties and obligations, so in many ways, it can mix the fun aspects of life with duty + responsibility. These sectors are not in harmony. You’ll have to be more responsible- do what’s needed, instead of what you really want.

Fifth is also love, so separations can happen if you’re still in the falling in love phase of dating. Stress can crowd in on your romance, and the carefree “fun” moments can be few and far between. But if a relationship is solid, it could just be restructuring, analyzing how you give and receive love, revisiting romantic rules, putting put some structure and boundaries in your relationship. You may feel  restricted to receiving love. Saturn is the planet that basically blows through the house it’s transiting to suck the fun out of it and make it work. So in some elements in your romance, you’ll have to put in work…which isn’t always the most fun.

It’s not the best transit to fall in love, but if you do…it’ll be a long lasting, karmic connection. Saturn is the planet of time and can represent age difference in a chart, so you may date someone older during this transit. Flirting and fun little flings won’t satisfy you, but a serious relationship could blossom.


Any business or career that is entertainment- music, art, fashion, where your center stage, politics- you may have more responsibilities or duties. People can turn a creative hobby into work with order and discipline (what Saturn is all about) into it. You won’t be having as much fun with that creative hobby but get more serious. You may have to structure your creative process, which is sometimes necessary. That novel you’ve been wanting to write or that instrument you’ve been wanting to learn isn’t much good inside of your head. You need to put in the time and the dedication into getting it done- which Saturn can assist you with. It’s getting away from just creative outbursts, but getting disciplined about your art and structured about it. But Saturn promises long lasting and stabilizing results. If you put in the time- you can reap major rewards.

Your Jupiter in third house is making positive aspect with Saturn in 2017, Leos, which is beneficial for those who’s vocation is related to creativity. You can be rewarded and you can be successful in these fields, as Jupiter infuses newness, creativity into longtivity and responsibility. This transit will be accentuated for you lions born in 20-30 degrees of Leo, which if if it’s your sun, would be the 13-23 August. For Leo moons and ascendants, check the number next to your chart.



Nodes of the moon are changing, which represent an area of life we are moving towards and another area we are moving away from. Your North Node is where your focus should be and your South Node represents something you will have to let go of.  North Node first in 18 years, May 2017- end of 2018. The later born Leos will feel it at first, then in 2018 the earlier degrees Leos will feel it. North Node will be moving to your 1st which is big news, Leos feel more confident. Not that that’s an area you’ve ever struggled with, Leos.

First house is how we communicate with others. You can count more on yourself more- be more independent and not ask for other’s support or advice. Independent decisions, more confident. Take some risks, don’t be afraid. Starting new things. Attract more attention. Be more creative. Leo is related with our heart- listen to your heart. Follow your heart.

South Node, is what we let go of, is in your 7th house. This house rules partnerships of all kinds. From May onwards, Leos may need to let go of relationships that are toxic, or make some sort of sacrifice in your relationships. You may need to show up more for a partner or commit yourself to being a more altruistic version of ourselves. This relationship helps you be more independent- focus is on first house, which is our self, our vitality. To have independence, we may need to let go of relationships, business contracts, commitments to some agreement. People could make agreements to you that don’t follow through. People can promise things and not come through. People, in some fashion, could let you down. But it’s only because the focus should (& will) be on you.



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