Money, family, home are your themes this year Virgo, and as a Virgo moon & rising myself, I’ve been feeling its effects since last year. So I’m right there with ya, my lovely Virgos. Let’s use this year to save money, manifest our dreams and build a positive foundation that we can build off of.


Jupiter will be transiting your 2nd house for a majority of 2017, until October, and some of you may have been feeling its effects. 2nd house rules income that you’ve earned and when benefic Jupiter makes its way through it, expect income to increase rapidly. You may see a promotion, or new freelance opportunities manifest for you. The key aspect of this transit is that it’s money that you’ve earned, so these manifestations won’t show up in terms of a sugar daddy or an inheritance. You’ll have to work for it, but income will increase.

However, Jupiter going through the 2nd has another side to the coin, as outflow increases by the same token. Unexpected expenses may arise for you in 2017, or perhaps you’ll feel more abundant to be drawn to more Jupiterian interests- perhaps you’ll be apt to book a trip, or invest in getting your certification in some interest, or pursue a higher education opportunity. This transit is a beneficial time to save money, if you can, or invest in something, if you can manage Virgos. This transit does tend to balance both sides of the checkbook.

You worrisome Virgos can often stress about money, so your “not enough” mentality changes. The universe will provide you the right resources- the Jupiter provides a bit of a protective nest about you, protecting your resources. You’re safe this year- but it could be a more beneficial time to save money.

Jupiter is also making a positive sextile with Saturn, which is cause for us all to R E J O I C E because this *rarely* happens. The reason most speak so disparagingly about 2016 is because this stressful Saturn was making a negative aspect with Jupiter, which halted manifestations and bringing the postive things (Jupiter) to life (Saturn, which deals with reality). With these two bodies making a positive connection in 2017, we can manifest things on a material, physical level. We have an opportunity to stabilize social statuses, bring ideas to life in business opportunities and create more harmonious realities.

Also slight downside of this transit…1st + 2nd house is related with our well-being, and Jupiter expands what it touches…which does not exclude our appetite. Expect appetite to increase and perhaps, waistline to expand. Blame the cosmos. They’re working against ya.

Security & Foundations

Oh, Saturn, Saturn, Saturn. As a Virgo moon & ascendant I felt the effects of the Saturn making its way through our 4th house in 2016, and this influence will continue its way into 2017. Fourth house rules home, family, property and matters of the like. For me, this transit revealed itself in my apartment hunt. Stressful Saturn put major delays in my hunt, put some stress on me, demanded a lot of my time, required me to be very responsible and diligent about what I wanted from my living situation and roommates. However, Saturn isn’t all negative- it rewards hard work. I took my time, despite my looming “move out” date, and ended up stumbling upon the most ADORABLE apartment, in my budget, that I still to this day consider an ideal living situation. So! Saturn will reward you if you put in the time. This is actually a beneficial time for relocation, so long as you TAKE. YOUR. TIME. Saturn punishes rushing or shortcuts.

However, this Saturn transit could manifest in many different ways. Fourth house also rules family, so your family could demand more of your time.

Saturn could put more pressure on you if you work in a 4th house field- related to real estate, hospitality

This Saturn will be felt the most for 20/21-30 degrees of Virgos in 20-30 degrees, Saturn will make its more difficult square aspect 15-22/23 of September. This aspect is related to responsibilties and duties. You’ll have to give some service, give something more socially. Time limits. Delay. Can affect the person’s happiness and confidence. You may be more serious, put three times extra effort.

If it’s making this hard aspect to sun, 2017 could bring you a project that requires a lot of attention to detail, but you can be rewarding next year. The battle is between the smaller details and the long term goals.

If you work in hospitality, real estate, management, these are fourth house careers. Saturn can increase your responsibilities in this career. If you put in the effort, Saturn will reward you. Building a foundation of life.

Fourth house is the bottom of the horoscope, it’s our foundation. Saturn transiting here can make you feel emotionally disconnected, or lonely. But it’s a good time to build a foundation, because now Saturn moves upwards in the horoscopes- you’re building now emotional, material foundations that you can rely on for a long time to move up.

Saturn & Jupiter are both in houses related to security- emotional, material, physical- and you should be successful in these pursuits.

Venus halts and makes it look like its going backwards as Earth turns from March 4-April 15, in your 8th house. Venus in 8th house is related to finances that come from other people. Mark these days down as negative time for you to get money from other, but a good time to return money that you have returned. Old bills may appear, expenses you have forgotten about. Clean your debts. Financial obligations should be avoided.


North Node indicates the sector of your life where the focus should be. In May 2017, your North Node enters Leo, which is your 12th house, which isn’t the *easiest* place for this node to be in, as this house deals with all the things unseen of life. Your inner world will demand more of the time than the outer, which can be a confusing time for your friends and family, as you may feel the need to isolate yourself. Honor this need. Paying that extra attention into delving more into your spirituality and your connection to the universe will give you a foundation of peace to build upon. Don’t fear being alone- it’s exactly what you need come May.

South Node is in 6th house, which deals with working, habits, health. Your obligation should not be work arrangements and priorities of this physical world. From May onward will call you to find new methods to let go, relax, not trying to fix and control everything. Virgos in particular struggle with us, because we’re perfectionists who want to control and perfect the world around us. This transits call for you to let go a bit, perhaps let go of some work arrangement and trust in your faith.



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