Libras, you’ll feel the corners of each aspect of your life expand rapidly as though you are pushing the limits of your existence, extending your horizons for increased joy, increased prosperity, increased positivity. Jupiter expands what it touches, and with its Libran connection for the first nine months of the year, it’ll expand and bless your Libra sun, moon and ascendant to keep you positive + shining all year. You, my dear scales, can manifest what other signs cannot.  This is an amazing planet to have on your side, and it ensures you’ll have a prosperous year…make the most of it, Librans, it only comes around every 12 years!

This forecast is applicable if your sun, moon or ascendant falls in the sign of Libra. If you don’t know, click here and type in your birthday, birth place and time of birth. Time of birth is needed for an accurate ascendant sign. To get a fuller picture of what the year will look like, you’ll want to look at each of the horoscopes of your sun, moon and ascendant. The three, in unison, will paint your full picture of 2017.

Positive New Beginnings & The Blessing of Jupiter

If you’re planning a great new beginning, this year is the year to MAKE THOSE CHANGES. You can manifest the people and opportunities you need to make it work with ease and clarity. Jupiter represents joy and well-being so Librans cannot be expected to be down and out- even if unfortunate circumstances come your way, you’ll have an easier time buckling down and staying joyful.  If you happen to take on an opportunity, it’ll most likely be a success. Higher education, expanding your horizons, higher learning, learning new things all call to you now. My Libra best friend is getting her yoga certification, which I feel like is a good representation of this transit! It’s a time for inspiration, growth, happiness and learning new things. Make the most of all this fresh good energy rushing your way, scales.

The traditional ruler of Jupiter is Pisces, so this transit also kind of evokes their transcendental spirituality into this transit. It’s a time of prosperity on all levels- this material world and the subconscious experience within your mind. Manifest with ease and transcend reality. The cosmos are supporting you.

Knowledge & Opportunity


Serious Saturn is asking you to pay some attention to your 3rd house, my dear scales. This sector relates to new skills, knowledge & information, start courses, learning subjects that are practical by nature. This is an excellent year for buckling down to learn something difficult- perhaps learn how to design websites, or get around to getting your driver’s license, or start studying your car in the hopes of making repairs yourself. This planet rewards you when you put in work- and you’ll find it easier to put in the time + effort to learning about these things.

Third house is also related to every day communications + contacts. You’ll want to avoid superficiality, Libras. Saturn will make it unbearable for you to deal with toxic or surface friendships. The friendships and contacts you make now can be enduring for life, or years ahead, with stable Saturn in this sector. You’ll find it easier to put the distance between yourself and friends who are not supportive of your higher self or goals. You just will not have the patience for chit chat or gossip- you just don’t feel like it. Too much ass to kick Libra, to deal with that sh*t.

Love & Relationships

Your Jupiter transit can also bring love your way, since Libra is the sign that traditionally rules love and relationships. It expands what it touches, and it can bless your love life, Libras. If you have a love in your life, you can find it deepening during this transit.

Venus goes retrograde in your 7th house from the 4th of March to the 15 of April, which is your area of relationships (overall theme for you this year, Libras!) This transits brings an opportunity for you to reevaluate your relationships with others, to separate from unnecessary relationships in your life. Old partners may send you a “heyyyy how you been?” text since Venus in Retrograde does tend to harken to the past.

Libras in the first 15 days of Libra will feel this transit the most, so if it’s your sun, this would be Sept. 23-Oct. 8/9. If it’s your moon or ascendant, check the degrees for 0-15 to see if you’ll feel the influence more than your other scales. If you fall into that range, this time can represent an important moment in your relationships. It can strengthen and deepen your relationships if it’s a strong one, or break it if it is not.

Uranus makes opposition with Jupiter, so situations could come up suddenly and unexpectedly. Since Uranus is activating your 7th house of other people, it’ll bring unpredictability and surprises from other people.  People in your life who can bring opportunities & offers but you have to react really fast and be ready to make those changes.  At moments, it can feel surprising and stressful. It could impact your life in a big way, particularly if you’re a Libran moon or ascendant. Uranus will make changes in your relationships- give them an on/off quality, bring in sudden, unique new people, Uranus-like people who change your perspective and enliven you in some may. Expect the unexpected when it comes to Uranus.

Libras in 21-30 degrees feel the Uranus opposition the most, so you’ll want to look at the degrees beside your Libra sun, moon and ascendant to see how much of an impact unpredictable Uranus will be making on you. If your sun is in Libra, this would make your  birthday roughly October 15-23/24 October.

Saturn is sextiling Jupiter, which helps to stabilize the Uranus. Uranus is the planet of shaking sh*t up in random, eccentric ways, but Saturn gives you some long lasting results. Saturn can balance out those stressful, sudden changes. Saturn promises you can build material, bring something tangible and real into your life. Since it’s in your 7th house, through another person.



North Node enters Leo, which is your 11th house, which is the house of FRIENDSHIP and GROUPS, another signal of how people-based 2017 will be for you. You’ll start to feel this starting May 2017, but since it goes until the end of 2018, it may not be be instant. Depending on your own chart and degrees, it’ll peak at different times.

Not only does this time represent friendship, connecting with others, prioritizing meaningful connections, but this house also represents your social contacts + influence on the public. It represents a wonderful opportunity to work with others. North Node is a point of increase- it manifests what it touches. This year and a half of North Node in your 11th can bring titles, honors, recognitions, in a public, visible way.

With a North Node comes a South Node, and this will fall into your 5th house. You shouldn’t be so focused on entertainment, love, art, fun for the sake of fun. This isn’t to say it’ll be a boring year and a half- just that there’s so much POTENTIAL for you to manifest in a very real way, so you don’t want to squander your time + resources. Attention should be focused on social activities, not personal ones.

Happy New Year, scales. Use your charm to leverage your social contacts and let others help you in manifesting your dreams.



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