Scorpio, it’ll be an intense year for you, but you’re a Scorpion. Everything you do is intense. You thrive in intensity. Many signs would drown in the murky 12th house waters, but you’re a fighter, you’re a survivor. The beginning of 2017 represents a time you’ll need to retreat into your inner worlds in order to gain an enhanced spiritual perspective that will brace you for the success and power that it is to come. What’s important to remember is this: honor what you need.

This forecast is applicable if your sun, moon or ascendant falls in the sign of Scorpio. If you don’t know, click here and type in your birthday, birth place and time of birth. Time of birth is needed for an accurate ascendant sign. To get a fuller picture of what the year will look like, you’ll want to look at each of the horoscopes of your sun, moon and ascendant. The three, in unison, will paint your full picture of 2017.


With Jupiter transiting your 12th house, you’ll feel more compelled to pay attention to your vivid inner world. What Jupiter touches it expands and with this transit, the transcendental qualities may make things confused for a while. You’ll want to dig deep, investigate who you are to the core, isolate yourself, focus on your spirituality. You’re in harmony for what’s under the surface, so this could be a beneficial transit for you. Many grounded signs would struggle with this transit, but since you’re a water sign who goes deep + intense by definition, you’re no stranger to diving into worlds unseen.

Some astrologers refer to Jupiter in the 12th house as your secret guardian angel- it’ll keep a protective white light around you. Pay attention to what comes up for you- the barrier behind you and the other side will be much thinner at this time. You’ll be more psychic. Pay attention to your dreams- they could have meaning for you.

For Scorpio, in the first part of 2017, the most pressing issues are for you are those which are under the surface, which could be confusing for your loved ones. Honor your need to retreat, to spend your evenings meditating and journaling rather than going to happy hour after work. In an extroverted society, it may seem strange to them that you’d opt to read instead of hang out with them- but this alone time will give you energy and more importantly, perspective. Scorpios can feel highly spiritual with this transit- connect with a religion or explore new ideologies that are in line with what they believe.


Serious Saturn continues to make its way through your second house, and where Saturn transits forces you to pay more attention to that sector. You may be feeling this transit, as it’s been going through this house for the past year and a half.

You can manifest things in a very real way with this transit, because even though serious Saturn makes you work, it’s the planet of “reality.” This can be frustrating as it causes delays, annoying frustration, but it can also manifest.

Second house rules money that you’ve earned, so with the great malefic moving through this sector may make you more disciplined and serious about your finances. Saturn teaches us how to be more responsible with our money and think about the long term. Saturn will strike you down realllll hard- it’s a karmic planet. You need to do things by the book. Research your investments.

1st + 2nd houses represent our physical bodies and with Saturn’s disciplined nature, it can be a good year for health, for fitness, for trying out a new workout plan, for sticking to a diet. However, with Jupiter transiting your 1st house beginning in October you may gain it right back- as I said, it expands what it touches. However, Jupiter in Scorpio represents an especially auspicious time for Scorpio suns, moons + ascendants. This planet repreents wealth, luck, prosperity, joy, new experiences. So the downside of possibly putting on a few pounds is all worth it.


Eccentric, quirky Uranus makes its way through your sixth house. Uranus shakes up what it goes through, and with sixth house representing your workplace, your day to day routines and your health, things may get a bit quirky. Uranus doesn’t feel too comfortable in the sixth house- the planet of weirdness and all that is bizarre meets the house of duty, habits, all the dull, mundane aspects to life. In fact, it a pretty uncomfortable there, so things may get confused. Expect the unexpected when it comes to Uranus and brace yourself for curve balls in this arena of life. Perhaps you could pursue a new job, or get moved to a difference office, pursue freelance opportunities, pick up odd jobs here and there.

However, Your Jupiter in the 12th house makes a direct opposition with Uranus, which could be a supportive aspect for career, a secret helper to have in your back pocket with work projects. Jupiter in the 12th house represents a white light, a guardian angel, so with this connection to your 6th house, you should feel protected.

6th house activates again in March and April, when Venus goes retrograde in your sixth house. This represents a time to reevaluate working projects, restart old projects, reconnect with old business partners. The key theme here is OLD- this is not a beneficial time to start anything new, as it has to get reevaluated time and time again. However, this may be the time to clear up some sort of work situation that’s been bothering you financial unsolved situation related to work. It’s a positive time to make a balance related to your work. Be careful not to start negotiating with new business partners. Assess the past, restarting old sectors. Since 6th house rules your health routines you may reconnect with something you loved to do for fitness but lost touch with. Perhaps you used to lose dancing, or you had let life bog down your passion for running. March and April could be a time to revisit those hobbies you’ve lost touch with.


The nodes of the moon change in May, representing a new focus and a new sacrifice, a redirection of our lives.

Your South Node, what you’re letting go of, enters 4th and your North Node moves into the 10th. 4th house is what you should be putting some space between, putting some distance in. 4th house represents home and family, so starting in May, these areas of life are just not where your focus should be. You are called to pay attention to matters of the 10th house- career, accomplishment, recognition. With Saturn transiting 2nd, Uranus shaking up your day to day working routines and this 10th house focus, the rest of the year can be a power year for you. In order to maintain balance, it is very important to pay attention to matters of the 12th. Meditation. Dive in your own inner worlds until Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October- that diving in your inner world will help you in the power years to come.

Happy New Year, Scorpio!


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