Fun fact: each day of the week is ruled by a particular planet. Sunday is ruled by the sun (obviously), Monday is ruled by the moon (hence why we’re all so moody), Tuesday is ruled by Mercury, Wednesday is ruled by Jupiter, Thursday is ruled by Mars, Friday is ruled by Venus and Saturday is ruled by Saturn (get it…Saturn day!)

As I write this forecast on a Saturday, I’m contemplating the nature of Saturday. Yes, it’s the weekend, but Saturdays lack the allure + the excitement of Friday, the bliss + laziness of Sunday. That’s because, and what you’ll learn this year- whenever and wherever Saturn is involved, it kind of sucks the fun out of things. It’s kind of a major buzzkill, actually. It’s the planet of karma, the planet of responsibility and with it transiting your sign, it kind of sets the tone for your year. But, do not fear Sagittarians, because with the inspiration of Uranus and the social nature of Jupiter, you’ll use serious Saturn to turn your play into work.

This forecast is applicable if your sun, moon or ascendant falls in the sign of Sagittarius. If you don’t know, click here and type in your birthday, birth place and time of birth. Time of birth is needed for an accurate ascendant sign. To get a fuller picture of what the year will look like, you’ll want to look at each of the horoscopes of your sun, moon and ascendant. The three, in unison, will paint your full picture of 2017.

Let’s Get Serious

When Saturn’s involved, it’s a time to be more serious. Sagittarius is the dreamer of the zodiac, with a permanent set of rose colored glasses glued to their eyeballs causing them to see the world with an optimistic tint. That isn’t a bad thing, Sagittarius, in fact it’s one of the most beautiful aspects about you. But Saturn, as its being doing for the past year and a half in your sign, is forcing you to get more realistic, stay more grounded.

Saturn has been making this transit so it’s possible you can already have been feeling it, Sagittarius. Those who will feel it the most in 2017 are Sagittarians with their sun, moon and ascendants with their placement in 21-27 degrees. Before this degree? The hard part is over, Sagittarians- you’ve paid your debts to the great malific. Sagittarians going through it this year receive some help from other planets to soften the Saturn blow- last year’s Sagittarians had to deal with Neptune squaring Saturn, creating a grand cross. So many spoke poorly of 2016 and for good reason- this transit caused reality checks and reality slaps. But this year, you’ll feel supported by wisdom and insights of Jupiter, inspiration from Uranus.

Many are known to start their own business during this transit, since Saturn will have you working twice as much and twice as hard, but that’s what this transit is all about. Finding integrity in that hard work, using your passion to fuel that hard work, putting in that hard work even when life is throwing every sort of curveball at you. It can feel confusing, lost, since Saturn tends to put that doubt and pessimism in your mind. If you don’t have a set goal this can be a confusing, even depressing time. You may feel lost. Saturn has a lot of vibrations of doubting itself  and feeling down when transiting. However, it is the planet of manifestation- this is a good time to build the foundation and lay out the structure for what you want to do, Sagittarius. But remember- nothing comes easy when Saturn is involved. It tests our perseverance. If it’s meant you’ll get out on the other side- with a secure, solid foundation in place.

Play Turning into Work

However! If you are experiencing your Saturn transit this year, you have friendlier, nicer celestial bodies lending their support. Jupiter is making sextile and Uranus is making trine to 5th house, which offers support. Saturn can help what inspires you (5th house & Uranus) turn into a long lasting creative pursuit. Saturn’s serious vibes lends itself nicely here- it can take your play, help you view it more seriously so you can integrate it into the work. 5th house rules entertainment, media, creativity, art- all the fun aspects of life. You can receive long results & support in these sectors of life, so it’s worth prioritizing. Maybe you’ve always loved photography and this is the year you get serious enough to set up your portfolio and start booking clients. Maybe you turn your hobby of browsing art galleries into a side gig as an art dealer. Look at how you spend your free time- the cosmos are supporting you to manifest something long-lasting and stable from your hobbies.

Friendship & Groups

Jupiter continues to transits your 11th house in 2017, and what your home planet makes its way through expands. This sector rule friendships and groups so you’ll be surrounded by people in 2017, Sagittarius. You’ll be able to make positive connections with people who will encourage your higher self- and perhaps help you in some way in the future. Stay open minded- all sorts of interesting people will be coming towards you in 2017. It’s a positive time to enrich your inner circle and even broaden your mindset by seeing how different people live their lives. Look at your hobbies and look for ways to connect with others in the community- maybe go on a yoga retreat with other yogis, join a Meetups group with other vegans, etc. Jupiter is the planet of luck, so when it comes to friendships & groups in 2017, you’ll feel lucky indeed. Communicate with more people, the cosmos are supporting the right people to enter your life.


5th house also rules love affairs, Sagittarius and with Uranus transiting through it, you have the opportunity for many interesting, quirky people to come through your life. This comes to a bit of a halt when Venus goes retrograde in your 5th house from March 4 to the end of April. For these 40 days, lovers and partners from your past can come up again. You may get that late night “I’m sorry” text or run into them when you’re at the cafe grabbing breakfast. For this period, brace yourself, because when the planet of love goes retrograde in your house of love, love affairs from the past are always guaranteed to rear their heads.

This can be a positive time if you just can’t stop thinking about the one who got away. Since this a period of revisiting the past, the object of your affection may also be thinking about you too.

Since 5th house also rules creativity, you could restart old ideas from creative projects that you’ve abandoned. Perhaps you hadn’t got the success you’d hoped for in the past, and this is the time to reignite that seed of inspiration and manifest it. Think back to those unfinished novels, that chorus that you had stuck in your head, that idea for a screenplay. This is a positive time to revisit them and create them to fruition. Most people experience frustration during this transit, but Venus will be in Aries, which is trine to you, Sagittarians, so it’ll be a positive, productive time for you. Things that make you happy will be more of a priority, creativity will be more of a priority,  love will be more of a priority.


Speaking of priorities…the nodes of the moon will be shifting in May, which represents a 18-month period of shifting of priorities. Your North Node will be shifting into the 9th house, which is your point of gains, where we can manifest things in a material way. Your node will be moving into your home of the zodiac, so to speak, Sagittarians, the house you rule- 9th house. 9th house rules higher learning, foreign travel, spirituality. This could represent a positive time to dedicate your efforts to pursuits in these realms- save up for that trip to Bali, commit yourself to going back to school for your Master’s, go on a meditation retreat to connect with yourself/the universe more deeply.

With each North comes a South node, which is a sector of life we should be moving away from. Your South Node will be moving into the third, which rules communication, and indicates an overall getting away from small details and daily activities. This isn’t to say there’s isn’t value in these sectors, just that your time will be better spent investing in broad concepts, higher learning, expanding  + growing your world, rather than staying firmly rooted in the day to day. There’s so much power for you in 2017, Sagittarius, with all your activity happening in fire houses- seize the energy and take action.

This is your year to expand, Sagittarius, push the limits of your world to make them bigger, broader, more expansive. Seize the moment & manifest!



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