Sometimes life isn’t in the addition, my dear Capricorns. It is in the taking away that makes the rest of our lives more full as a result.  When we part with a toxic situation or a job that is not encouraging you to your highest potential, the goodness in your life has that free space to multiply.

This forecast is applicable if your sun, moon or ascendant falls in the sign of Capricorn. If you don’t know, click here and type in your birthday, birth place and time of birth. Time of birth is needed for an accurate ascendant sign. To get a fuller picture of what the year will look like, you’ll want to look at each of the horoscopes of your sun, moon and ascendant. The three, in unison, will paint your full picture of 2017.

Capricorn, this year is a more introspective time for you, a time to dig deep into who you are, what you want, what you’re after in this life. By the end of 2017, you will have extracted any area of your life that is not contributing to your full potential, and you will feel more full of a result.

Introspection & Analysis

One of the main planetary bodies we want to look at is your ruler, Saturn, which is a bit of an exalted position. This ringed planet makes its way through your 12th house, which is a bit of an exaltation- this serious planet is happy here. For many, Saturn represents some karma and some hardship coming their way.

12th house speaks to a separation. When Saturn makes its way here you may feel the urge to eliminate aspects of your life that are not serving you. Do you have toxic friendships, Capricorn? Do you have a job that sucks the life force out of you? Do you have unhealthy habits?  Whatever is hindering your growth, 2017 can be the time to let it go. The cosmos are supporting you to be dedicated to your own growth.

It results in an unconscious, personal assessment, an analysis of the past year and a commitment to where you’re going. Saturn is responsibilities, manifestation and duties, which is an odd mix between the ethereal quality of the 12th house. You responsible Capricorns are used to working for what you want and getting it, but this year isn’t so much adding to your life, but rather, the taking away. Ridding yourself of what is holding you back, putting time into creating the best kind of life for you. Get away from the humdrum aspects of reality. If you’re extroverted, used to getting concrete manifestations and visible things, it may feel uncomfortable for you to dedicate more time to meditation and taking care of yourself. You may feel forced by circumstances to do that. If you aren’t willing to dig deep, do that work and release the past, you may experience depression in 2017.

Pluto is in Capricore influences sun and ascendant within 16-19 degrees of Capricorn. If Capricorn is your sun, these degrees would be  a birthdate about  6th of January-8th/9th. While Capricorns will feel this transit, no one will feel it as intensely as the capricorns in these degrees.

This transit is LIFE CHANGING and will be the only one you experience in your lifetime. The transformation occurs over 2-3 years and results in really big changes, an utter transofmration. In your personal experience and in the outer world, your surroundings will change.

If your Sun is Capricorn, it won’t be so much tangible, but rather psychological expansion and changes. Your mindset, your spirituality and your outlook could change.The final result is that you’re totally a new person- you can be a stronger person than ever before. All of the difficulties make you more confident- I got through this shit, what can touch me now? Pluto empowers you by kicking your ass- so you may get some difficulties thrown your way. There may be power struggles.

But after an already-tough and capable ass Capricorn goes through a Plutoian transit? Absolutely nothing can touch you. Embrace it.

Home, Family & Emotions

Uranus is making a harmonious aspect to Saturn with its placement in the 4th, which gives you the space to be open minded. Whatever Uranus touches, gets a bit irregular, but you have the stabilizing influence of Saturn, so things won’t get too out of control. Since Saturn is your ruler, you do feel a stronger connection with it as a planetary influence- so rejoice in this combination. Uranus very rarely aspects you- doesn’t happen very often at all, maybe once in every couple decades.

Later born (or later degrees) Cappys will feel the transformative energy of Uranus more intensely. Check your degrees next to your Capricorn sun, moon or rising- if it’s within the degrees of 20-30, Uranus will be encouraging you to make changes and transform. Uranus is making a square with the sign of Capricorn- so if you try to resist these changes, the universe will get your attention. Go with the flow so you don’t have any shocking wakeup calls. The universe whispers before it shouts. Listen the first time and implement the changes you need for a healthier, happier you.

With Uranus in your 4th house, this sector rules home, family, your roots and your psychological experience. This is your foundation of the zodiac, at the very bottom of it. You may feel a bit up and down- since 4th house is your emotions, and Uranus is kind of an over the place energy. Luckily, Saturn’s influence will stabilize you.

You may be feeling particularly emotional when venus goes retrograde in your 4th house from March 4-April 25. It may affect your experience of the home and your communication with family, for better or for worse. Every time any planet goes retrograde, we start revisiting the past. It could be a beneficial time to return emotionally to the past, to solve some of issue. It could be a beneficial time to clean or dispose of items you no longer care for. However, when planets are retrograde, it’s not the time for anything new. You can revisit old ideas Solve an emotional issue from the past. To clean, to heal some emotional pain that you’ve been dealing with. With planets are retrograde, don’t take up anything new with your home. If it’s an old idea, you can change it and revisit it in someway. Do not get married during this transit, Cappys. Mean it. It’ll be stuck in stagnation.

Career, Recognition & Other Capricorn-y Things

Jupiter in 10th house until October- your house! This region of the zodiac is related to career, new opportunities, authority with the possibility to expand your work & making your projects successful. That’s what Jupiter DOES- it expands, it blows up what it goes through. It makes these aspects of life bigger than before and with it going through the house of everything your sign represents, this is an incredibly positive transit for you.

My responsible, ambitious Capricorns, this year you may heighten your social standing, move up the career latter, achieve stability, have more positive communication with authority figures. You may get more responsibilities with this transit- but you Cappys can handle it. This transit is the most positive for those who work from home.

Jupiter is great for expanding everything, achieving popularity, having positive communication with all sorts of authority figures. With the positive sextile between Jupiter + Saturn in 2017, where you’re lucky meets what you can manifest.  You may be promoted or have more obligations with the sextile between Jupiter and Saturn. You have to eliminate all toxicity (Saturn in 12th) to achieve this growth, but there are so many opportunities for you this year, Cappys. ESPECIALLY if you work independently. Your career could double, triple, quadruple.

There may be changes in career with opposition between Uranus + Jupiter at end of December, 2018. September-October. Affects areas of career + home. New opportunities but also lots of changes, more difficult to find balance between these areas. You may want to make changes in your home but projects at work you have to take care of. Oppositions are required for us to find the balance. Capricorns, you goats are hard workers, and this transit could be gently goading you to strive to work/life balance. As much opportunities there are for you in 2017- none of which are worth sacrificing your home, your happiness and your life force.


The North Node shadow planet known as Rahu is going into your 8th house, in May, Capricorn.  Rahu acts like a Jupiter force- it expands that sector and redirects your energy into it.  Positive side related with our resources, personal resources, resources coming from other, find a balance.

South Node enters 2nd house, which represents resources you eat as well as your materials that you own in this universe. It represents a time to separate from old resources that are no longer useful for you. Clothes, selling possessions, getting rid of a freelance gig . Letting go of possessions can be a liberating time. It’s a time to make up space for energy, every material thing sucks up energy. Clean your energy. Make some practices like yoga or other spiritual activities will help with your strength + physical activity.

North Node is positive for receiving material support from other people. Less work you have to do, more passive income. People who have credits for buying a house or investment. People working in finances, banking sector, very positive year and a half because the influence of the North Node is very similar to the essence of Jupiter- brings new opportunities for you. Investments, credits. Alimonies. Falls apart but you benefit from it.

This year is about leaving the past, the unnecessary things behind, making those necessary changes to dive more deeply into your career and continue to bloom, Capricorns.


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