Oh my mystical Pisceans, this is going to be a major year for you. We all know fish have a tendency to withdraw into the mystical realms rather than deal with reality, but this is your year is manifest on a tangible, concrete level. Some Pisces can lose themselves into their own pretend world, but your ability to dream is one of the most beautiful aspects about you- and you can use your pretend world to manifest on a tangible level. Especially in 2017, when the cosmos are pushing you to create something beautiful and make your reality as beautiful as the inner world you live in.

This forecast is applicable if your sun, moon or ascendant falls in the sign of PiscesIf you don’t know your moon or rising signs, click here and type in your birthday, birth place and time of birth.


Saturn has been transiting your tenth house of career for the past year, and you’ve been feeling the H E A T. What Saturn goes through makes you work, and you’ve been feeling more pressure than ever before. This may have manifested as a promotion, or as someone who has been urging you to finish up that project, or as a boss who is expecting more from you than ever before. An overarching theme of Saturn transiting 10th is that you’ll be doing more work than ever before, without getting much credit at all. That doesn’t come until it transits the 11th- but know the glory for all you’ve been putting in all this work for will come when Saturn moves into Capricorn at the end of 2017.

This is a make or break transit. Some people thrive in this energy, because they’re in the field / position / company they should be. If you are doing what you’re meant to be doing, you may be feel the stress, but you’ll rise to the challenge and surprise yourself with how capable you are.

If you are not doing what your life’s work is, it may break you. This transit comes through to separate you from what is not meant for you. The stress may be too much to bear and you’ll be separated from your current career, project or clientele. While this is hard to handle, know that in order to clear up space for what is meant for you, you have to separate yourself from what is not.

While Saturn is doing this transit, it can feel like all eyes on us. Everything is judged and seen by others, especially our mistakes, but we can learn and grow during these times. We’ll take on more responsibilities, more duties and have to get responsible- you’ll have no choice but to.

Take the longest, respected path. Do not battle authority- authority will win. Saturn is the karmic planet- if you try to take shortcuts or cheat the system, you’ll be punished. Where Saturn is in the chart is not a sector of life to take lightly.


You have a harmonious aspect coming in from Uranus, which is transiting your 2nd house. Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and where it shakes up your money sector, expect the unexpected. This transit very much speaks to freelancing, money coming through unusual avenues. Your finances may be very up and down- you might make enough in one month to last you the next three months. It may bring up some unfortunate, unexpected expenditures, but luckily it’s making a positive trine with Saturn that helps you create some longetivity through those random freelancing efforts.

Jupiter also indicates 2017 will be an abundant one. When we’re looking at the zodiac and its twelve houses, where Jupiter is transiting is a sector that is protected, an area of life in which we are lucky. This benific planet will be transiting your eighth house until October 10, which rules others people’s money. More money will come to you from others. You may receive the alimony you’ve been waiting for, or your partner may get an unexpected raise that benefits you, or if your job will start bringing in more income if you work in certain fields. Consultancy, finance, economics are industries that will boom if you work in them. The cosmos are on your side if you wish to invest in property or retirement!

Be wary: Jupiter expands what it touches. You can be sure that this year will bring in lots of money, but the outflow will increase as well. You’ll be bringing a lot more through passive ventures or others ventures but certainly spending more- make sure it’s on things that will pay off, investing in something you believe in or in a project of your own.

From the start of March to the middle of April, Venus will be retrograde in your 2nd house. Don’t start brand new financial endeavors. You can receive money you weren’t expecting. Something that is old to you can be returned to you now. You may need to reevaluate the way you spend money or how you budget.

I, personally as a Pisces, went into this retrograde feeling so secure, so confident and so protected with money. Mid way through March, so many random expenditures came up that I no longer feel so, so ahead. Jupiter opposed Uranus the first week of March, infusing abundance with the unexpected, and parking tickets + debts others owed me popped up. So, Pisceans, this is a time for us to reevaluate our money, how we spend it and what it means to us.

Remember: money isn’t everything, but it is a form of energy that indicates a certain amount of our time and effort. When you don’t value your money you don’t value yourself. Let this retrograde empower you to understand the role money plays in your life, what you deserve and how you treat it.

Venus retrogrades back into Pisces its April, its exaltation and a transit that blesses you. When it shifts, it indicates a shift in energy from focusing on money to focusing on relatonships. Exes may pop back during this transit. You could see them, or have to confront the ex to make amends at last. This is also a positive time for a divorce if this is what you’ve been thinking of.


8th house is an interesting sector, fish. This Scorpio-ruled area rules sex, intimacy, death, the occult, everything in life that is intense. Since Jupiter is expanding this house, it’s certain to be an intense year…but definitely a hot one. Dive into your sexuality. Explore that metaphysical topic you’ve been wanting to. 8th house is the dark sector of the zodiac- and this is the year to explore it, acknowledge that darkness within your soul and the secretive parts of life you’ve been curious about.

If you’re a Pisces sun, moon or ruling with your degrees in 10-14 degrees, you’ll be having your Neptune transit in 2017. If Pisces is your birthday, this would make your birthday between the 5th and 10th of March. If Pisces is your moon or rising, check the degrees next to it when you calculate to see if it falls into this category.

These Pisceans will be experiencing their Neptune transit, which is really important for you fish, as Neptune is one of your rulers.  It’s more difficult to understand, because Neptune is the planet submerged in mystery. Whatever Neptune touches, it fogs up, because that’s the nature of the planet- vague, mystical, otherwordly. For those who have their feet rooted on the ground, this may be a confusing time. If you’re spiritual, religious, faithful, work in design, cinema, producing something more creative, like the art business, in these situations, it can have a very positive influence. Birthday 5-10 March.

Sun is related with our ego, our true self and Neptune is a planet that can dissolve or blur things- so you may be confused about your own expectations, your own self. You may struggle in getting grounded, in being grounded with reality. Spend time in nature, bring grounding. You can materialize. If you’re an artist, this can bring inspiration- god-given inspiration.

If you’re in a materialistic job, it may be very confusing for you- let go and let god. Neptune can be problematic. Generally, Pisces are in touch with the other side, so you can go with the flow. While Neptune transits may uproot and upset earth signs.

Neptune is addicition and escape- so stay away from alcohol and drugs. You may want to escape.



Your North Node is where you’re going, where the arc of your journey this year is taking you. Starts in May 2017 and goes until the end of 2018. When the nodes.

A time to become more practical. 6th house is related with our daily obligations, being more organized, helping other. Taking care of people.

What you should separate from is your 12th house. Don’t be so isolated. Saying goodbye. Be more practical, be more grounded, handle the real material tasks.

Rahu can expand your career in a tangible way. Those who have been unemployed can find work. You separate from your isolation and become more engaged in work. Focus on practicality and the universe will help you in that direction. 6th house deals with health. Search for the right doctor.

Pisces you are so much more than your physical form and you know it. You’re a spiritual being having a human experience. You often feel safer and more comfortable exploring the inner realms of your mind, but 2017 is all about the external, the tangible, the reality. Direct your energy towards what’s in front of you. And let your visions manifest.



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