Audition Time- 3pm - 6pmWednesdays - Fridays2-F Theater Hall (1)

Unlock the secrets within your astrology birth chart at our Natal Chart Workshop event, happening on April 27 in San Diego, California.

Understanding your natal chart is like under your own personal blueprint- what makes you tick, what you look for in a partner, how you react emotionally, what your purpose is. By looking to the stars, we can dive in more deeper into ourselves… since we are made of stars, after all!

In this workshop, we’ll be diving into your natal planetary positions and house positioning. This is the perfect workshop for someone who wants to understand their own chart or wants to explore how to read astrological charts for others. This also represents an opportunity to connect with others who may share the same placements on you on more productive ways to deal with that aspect for you. There are no bad charts- it’s all about learning how to work with that energy! This workshop will shed some light on who you are on an innate level and how to thrive with that energy.

This is the perfect event for someone who wants to tap into astrology to better understand oneself or to feel more comfortable giving chart readings to others. Either you can dive in more deeply to understand yourself, or be equipped with the tools to read charts for your friends + family to unlock the way that they are. This workshop will give you the framework to understand what each position means.

Once purchasing your ticket via Eventbrite or Meetup, email us your birth date, place of birth and time of birth to All three pieces of information are necessary for a full chart. Your birth chart will be printed and given to you upon arrival. Bring a pad + paper so you can write down all the cosmic positions!

The workshop will be held in a studio in University Heights / Hillcrest area of San Diego, Calif.

We look forward to cosmically exploring with you!