Audition Time- 3pm - 6pmWednesdays - Fridays2-F Theater Hall (2)

“Astrology is a language. And if you know it – the sky speaks to you.”

Join the ladies of AstroGoddess for a cosmic, mystical evening on June 15th as we dive into the language of the stars – and what they say about you!

Featured Topics:

• Career Indicators in a Chart

• What You Look for in Love / What Finds You in Love

• Your Purpose

• Financial Markers in a Chart

• Vitality & Health Clues in a Chart

• Where The Passion Is

Your birth chart will be printed and given to you upon arrival and the interactive class to follow will translate those planetary positions into qualities about YOU.

To save your spot, please email your birth date, birth time & birth place to – all three are necessary for a full chart. This workshop is donation based, so you are free to give as much as you feel the event is worth day-of. It will be held in the University Heights / Hillcrest area of San Diego, Calif.